Giancarlo Spadanuda

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Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Eng. Giancarlo Spadanuda - ITALY

Prof. Eng. Giancarlo Spadanuda Electronic Engineer - Specialized in EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) Technical Advisor in the subject of ElectroSmog for the Court Offices of several Judiciary Districts;

has been named by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "expert for specific materials"; later he was sent by the same Ministry at the Italian Embassy de CAIRO;

has been fighting for years, with positive results, against electromagnetic pollution, cause serious damage to the environment and biological and clinical damage to people, animals, plants;

former teacher in the following subjects: Telephony, Radio Electronic-TV, Electrical Systems, Electric and Electronic Measurements. Also former Professor of “Electromagnetic Emissions: Instruments and Methodology of Measurements” at University of Reggio Calabria, Italy, within the Master’s Programs. Former Professor of “Electromagnetism” within the “Environment and Safety Project” promoted amongst many by the University of Calabria, Home Office of Italian Government, and Ministry for the Environment; has taught the same subject at the training course for the Representatives of Workers for Safety at the ISPESL (Institute for Prevention and Workplace Safety-ROME).

Long time researcher of issues related to electromagnetism, holds training courses and participate, as a speaker, in conferences, courses, seminars, radio and television as an expert.

Author of scholarly and popular publications, he contributes to newspapers and monthly, by treating its themes of electromagnetism.

He's correlator of the thesis: "The electromagnetic pollution problem in urban centers: experimental tests of measurement performed on directional antennas for mobile" - University of Reggio Calabria Studies - Faculty of Engineering, Degree in Civil Engineering.

EHe is winner of the Public Competition issued by the Provincial Administration of Catanzaro on the issue of “Study on electromagnetic pollution in the territory of the Province of Catanzaro”.

Former technical-scientific counselor for electro smog related issues for the City of Rome, Enna (Sicily), and many others. He has been also member of the Environmental Scientific Committee, electro smog section, of the City of Lamezia Terme (Calabria-Italy).

Following his contributions through technical-scientific consulting upon Bench’s request, as well as in defense of City Councils, Citizens Committees against “savage mobile phone masts and high voltage power lines”, and with the spirit of safeguarding the rights of Mobile Phone Companies, Radio-TV Networks, Electric air wire lines Companies, empowered by the Law, has been officially stated what follows:

  1. The Council of State-5th Section- writ 1211 of July 7th 2000, according to a renowned decision available on texts of jurisprudence, has confirmed “the necessity of a verification of the danger of interferences of EMF in regards of pacemaker carriers”, as well as the “respect of the caution principle”, today established by both Italian laws DPCM 8.7.03 and the 174th Art. of Constitutional Treaty of the European Union, Amsterdam;
  2. The District Attorney (Public Prosecutor) of the City of Castrovillari has put under seizure mobile phone mast, August 2004; similar decisions and actions have been adopted by the District Attorney of the City of Paola, June 2006 (digitare sul web per l'integrale lettura dell'Ordinanza:"TRIBUNALE PAOLA n.2460");
  3. XXX Mayor has ordered the suspension of the works of realization of an high voltage power line of 1 milliard(billion) watts and 380.000 Volts tension – writ of November 19th, 2004;
  4. The Regional Administrative Tribunal of Calabria (TAR Calabria), May 2003, has denied the installation of antenna towers to a major concessionaire of Mobile Phone Services; the same decision has been taken by:
  5. il TAR Calabria, February 2001;
  6. il TAR Calabria, July 2000;
  7. il TAR Sicilia, July 2000;
  8. il TAR Calabria, January 2000;
  9. il TAR Calabria, July 1999;
  10. and so on...

Moreover, some Mayors have emitted writs for the deactivation and/or relocation and/or inhibition of installation, with positive and defi nitive outcome. He uses sophisticated equipment to measure EMF.

Equipment is featured by:

  1. special probes; data loggers;
  2. specific software to display the trend of measurements, and supply data;
  3. devices for the remote repetition of signals, connected to PC through optic fiber wires and opto-electric converter;
  4. and others.

Partially updated in April 2021.